Rubén Cruz, better known as Malakkor, is a music producer based in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). His musical career began in 1997, as a member of different rap groups, first as Mc and a little later only as a producer. In these more than 20 years he has been trained, studying and investing until he can sound with the quality he always wanted. Today, he has produced songs for many artists from different parts of the world, with styles from hip hop to Latin music and audiovisual projects such as spots and documentaries.

Its website (https://malakkor.com/es) was created with the idea of ​​helping artists get high quality instrumentals and beats, with a powerful and defined sound. Open-minded in terms of music, it never closes to investigate new genres and trends, that makes its music stay 100% fresh.

If there is something to highlight in his instrumentals, besides sounding clear and powerful, he tries to leave the space that the artist’s voice needs, without overloading the themes. Its motto is “less is more”, because the best songs in history are songs with a distinctive sound and little else.

His love for music has made him have to sacrifice a lot, sometimes too much. Before he could live on his music, he had to leave home to work at 07:30 in the morning and return at 20:00 at night, eat, bathe, see his family very little and work in the studio until 03:00 in the morning, sleeping 4 hours and so on for years … but his perseverance and never giving up, have made today he has much more time for his family, which is the most important part for him, and who also worked with many artists and weight brands, such as Universal Music, something that when it started was just a dream.


• I work 100% with each artist, regardless of their name •

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