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I´m Malakkor, professional music producer, resident in the Canary Islands.

Over the years I have produced hundreds of songs and worked with artists from almost anywhere in the world, many of those songs have been personalized beats, forming a team with the artist until I get the song in mind. My perseverance and seriousness have made me collaborate even with Universal Music artists, something that years ago was just a dream. I also create music for spots, documentaries and audiovisual projects.

Thank you very much for your interest in my personalized music services!

I tell you that it includes:

  1. The music of the song or audiovisual project.
  2. Exclusive use license.
  3. Teamwork from the foundations of the song.
  4. 5 reviews.
  5. Mixing and mastering. Record the voices and send them back to me for professional mixing and mastering.

Steps to follow:

  1. Fill out the form and wait for approval. I like to dedicate the artists the time they deserve but my time is limited, so I choose who I can work with.
  2. If approved, first payment of $ 50 (This step is necessary to block people who can waste my time).
  3. You will receive a melody or sample to start working on. You have 2 days to say if we continue on that path or request another example.
  4. 50% payment of personalized music. Necessary to start production.
  5. Production, lyrics, recording… all in a team.
  6. Payment of the remaining 50%.
  7. Mixing and mastering. Send me your recordings to get the professional sound you are looking for.
  8. Complete Proyect !! I will send you the contract, the mixed song, and the tracks that make up the project.

We have it! Congratulations.


• Choose the pack that best suits you •

Pack 1


Custom Music
Exclusive license
5 Reviews


Pack 2


Custom Music
Exclusive license
Unlimited Reviews
Mix & mastering
Live version



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