Stop searching among hundreds of instrumentals and choose how you want yours, imagine the idea you have in your head turned into a song. I am Malakkor, urban music producer based in the Canary Islands with more than 20 years of experience. I have worked with artists of different musical styles such as hip hop, Rnb, Latin music, afrobeats, trap, reggaeton, pop … Let’s make music together! .


What exactly do I offer you and the different ways of working together.

I’ve created a working method for you to benefit from the good things about online beat licenses and custom instrumentals. All plans include mixing of the entire song. What I want is for you to have full control of your music and help you creating the song from the first notes to the moment of uploading it to platforms.

Choose which plan (PREMIUM, UNLIMITED OR EXCLUSIVE) suits what you need.

Custom Beat
Song Mix
Song Mastering
Platform upload service
The beat is only yours
Recording 120€ 4 hours Included in the price
Beat license type Unlimited Exclusive

Below you have some frequently asked questions in case you have any questions, if you do not find the solution do not hesitate to contact me at


What are the differences between Unlimited and Exclusive beats licenses?

Total Stream Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Sale of physical copies Unlimited Unlimited
Publishing rights 0% 50%

Do all the mix and mastering plans for the song include?

Yes, both the UNLIMITED & EXCLUSIVE plans have included the mix and mastering service. You will have your song ready to upload to platforms. In case you don’t need the mix, the price is the same.

Can I upload the song to digital platforms like spotify, Deezer..etc?

Yes, with each plan you can upload your song to platforms and earn 100% of what you generate with streams. With the EXCLUSIVE plan, you have included the upload of the song to platforms.

Can I monetize on YouTube?

Yes, you can monetize with any plan. Do not forget to send me the link of your video to remove possible claims for content id.

Which are the steps to follow ?
  1. Once you fill out the form and make the payment…
  2. You will receive some ideas in less than 5 days, at this moment you can accept some, ask for a different one or ask for a refund of your money.
  3. Since you accept an idea, we start the production process. It is now when we create music, we adapt your lyrics etc … We are in contact 24/7 by Whatsapp or by mail until everything is perfect.
  4. Recording of your voice, in my studio or wherever you decide. You can send me your vocal tracks by email.
  5. Mixing and mastering. In less than 5 days you will have your song playing with the professional quality you have always wanted.
  6. Project completed ???? ! You receive your song ready to upload to all digital platforms. You will receive it in Wav, mp3, by tracks and a live version.