Rubén Cruz, better known as Malakkor, is a music producer based in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). His musical career began in 1997, as a member of different local music groups, first as an artist and a little later as a producer. In these more than 20 years it has been formed, investing a lot of time and money to achieve its own sound with a quality recognized by many top artists on the scene. Today, he has produced songs for more than 300 artists from different parts of the world, with styles from hip hop to Latin music and audiovisual projects such as spots and documentaries. This has led him to work with very important companies in the sector such as Universal music, Boa… and many more…

If there is something that stands out in his instrumentals, it is the very clear and minimalist sound, leaving room for the artist’s voice as an instrument.
principal. His music transmits emotion, soul, capturing the idea and mood of his clients very quickly, ensuring professionalism and impeccable human treatment.

Their website (https://malakkor.com) is a reference for artists who want to take their songs to the next level. In it you can buy instrumentals from almost any urban genre such as Latin music, Rnb, Hip hop, pop and trap. New beats are added every week, keeping the freshness of the
most current sound.


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More than 300 artists and companies have trusted Malakkor



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