Here you will find answers to most of the questions that may arise, if you want to know something else you can contact me through the contact form

Who and where are you from?

My name is Malakkor, I ́m a music producer born in the Canary Islands, if you do not know them, imagine a paradise with Sun, beaches and very beautiful women, there I am 🙂

I have been making music since 1997, more than half a life. After 20 years it has become a passion that makes me dedicate myself to it half the day and think about it the other half … that passion has led me to work with some of the best artists and companies in the music sector.

My style … urban music of almost any genre, hip hop, trap, rnb, reggaeton and fresh tropical sounds. I also make music for spots, documentaries and different audiovisual projects.

My clients say that my strong point is that I adapt to them very quickly, turning their ideas into music. In addition, the quality of the sound and the professionalism you have assured, it never failed in the delivery dates and the human treatment when working with me is impeccable.

Do you make recordings?

Yes, I make recordings working on the entire project. I do not make recordings of individual songs, unless you are an artist that I usually work with.

Differences between licenses and exclusive beats.

You can get my beats by acquiring a use license or buying the beat exclusively. The use licenses have restrictions such as the number of sales, streams (reproductions on platforms like Spotify), uses on videos, earnings … etc. Also the beat is still for sale. It is a good way to get quality instrumentals by investing little money.

The exclusive licenses have no limits, and once you buy the beat, it is withdrawn from sale. In the exclusive licenses you have 50% of the registration rights on the song. It is the most professional way to work with artists signed by a label or artists with a broad fan base.

Note: You can see all the licenses in detail just below the web player.
If you have more questions about licenses:  The definitive guide on beats licenses

Can I continue to use my license if the beat is then sold exclusively?

Yes, if the beat is sold exclusively, it is withdrawn from sale, but all previous licenses that have been purchased from that beat can continue to be used, until you reach the limit or the license expires. In case the license reaches its limit, if the beat has already been sold exclusively, the license cannot be renewed, so I always recommend that you get the Unlimited license, which will save you a lot of stress for a little more of money.

Price and forms of payment.

All prices for my beats are in US dollars. You can pay with Paypal or credit card. If you make the payment with your Paypal account, Paypal will convert the price to your currency automatically. It is the recommended form of payment since in some cases, depending on the bank, when paying by card it generates additional charges. All forms of payment are secure.

Do you have offers or discounts?

Yes, in all my licenses, I have the following offers:

Mp3, Buy 2 get 2 free.
Basic, Buy 2 get 2 free.
Premium, Buy 2 get 2 free.
Unlimited, Buy 2 get 2 free.

How to benefit from the discount:

You choose the beat that you like.
If you select 4 beats you will pay only 2.Beats where other producers collaborate do not enter the offer.
The discount is applied automatically.
It is important that you choose beats of the same type of license for the discount to apply.

I also make discounts on custom beats, depending on the number of songs you need, as well as my mixing and mastering services. You can tell me about your project by writing to me at malakkormusic@gmail.com
On some occasions I also offer discount coupons, the duration of these coupons is usually only 24 hours and you have to be very attentive, the best thing is that you follow me on my Beatstars profile so that you do not miss yours. Click here to follow my Beatstars profile.

How to apply discount coupons?

  1. Choose the beat you like and click add.
  2. Select license type (select 4 and you will only pay 2).
  3. Click on the player’s cart.
  4. If you have a coupon write it in the Coupon code box.
  5. You must click accept the license terms.
  6. Choose payment method, Paypal (recommended) or credit card.
  7. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email shortly with the instruments and the user license. Always check the spam in case the email gets you there.

How to buy a license

  1. Choose the beat you like and click add.
  2. Choose the type of license.
  3. Go to the cart in the player and click proceed to checkout.
  4. At this time you can apply a coupon if you have it.
  5. Select if you want to pay with Paypal or credit card.
  6. Click Pay now.

Now you can download your files, you will also receive an email with the beats, always check the spam mail.

Why does a voice or watermark sound over the beats?

Nowadays it is very easy to record the audio that sounds on any device, for that reason the producers’ beats have a mark (that voice that sounds) to protect the audio of their instrumentals. Also each beat is protected with content id, in case someone uses a beat without permission, the producer can block the publication of the song.

When you purchase a license, you can download the beat without that mark.

When do you receive the beat?

The download is immediate once the payment is made. When you have paid you will be redirected to a screen from where you can download the beat and the contract. Also you will receive an email with everything, be sure to look at the spam folder.

Can I change the beats after I have bought them or make a return?

No. All products are digital download, we cannot make returns because we cannot recover the product.

I have purchased a license. Can I make changes to the duration, cuts... etc?

Since you buy a license you can make changes to the duration, mix, remove some sound … etc. Beats with a protection mark cannot be modified or published in any way, they are only for inspiration and if you wish, acquire a license to use them. You also cannot add any extra sounds that have not already been added by the producer.

Can I resell a beat that I have bought?

No, you are not authorized to resell a purchased beat or transfer a license to a third party.

Can I upgrade a license, for example if it is basic to premium?

Yes, if you have purchased any type of license or it is close to reaching its limit of streams or expiring for example, you can pay the difference with a higher license without any problem. In the event that you want to improve a license, you can do it as long as the beat has not been sold exclusively. You can renew your license from this page of my website:  UPGRADE LICENSE

What can I do with the free downloads?

The free downloads are just so you can write and check if that beat is for you. You can not make any publication with it, if you are finally going to use it, acquire a license and live in peace. Otherwise I will be forced to do a DMCA takedown, and your song will be removed from any online platform.

What is the advantage of buying beats with trackouts?

Buying an instrumental with its tracks is the most professional way of working, ideal when you are going to record in a studio, mix or modify the structure of the beat. Furthermore, the license with trackout is the most sold, because it offers you other advantages such as streams, monetization … etc.

What do I have to do to monetize on YouTube?

In order to monetize your songs on YouTube, you need to acquire a PREMIUM, UNLIMITED or EXCLUSIVE license. The MP3 and BASIC licenses do not allow you to monetize or make videos. All beats are protected by content id so there is no misuse of them.

You have received a copyright claim.

If you have purchased a license to use one of my beats, you may receive a claim on YouTube about copyright. This is because I have all my instrumentals protected with content id in case someone misuses them by not having a license. The author of the claim will be “Hawk for a 3rd Party”.

What should you do ?, you enter the following link on my website: REMOVE RECLAIM and fill in everything that the form asks for, in a period of about 5-7 days that claim will be withdrawn.

I can't find a beat that I liked on the web.

If you can’t find a beat that was previously on the web, it’s because that beat has been sold exclusively and has been withdrawn. There are instrumentals that I have created for different artists that are not found on the web either, they are instrumentals created to measure for that artist.

Custom beats or medium instrumentals, remixes ... etc.

If you want custom-made instruments that nobody has heard, this is the perfect option for you. You can see all the steps to follow on my website, in the services section, custom music.

Sanctions. How to name the producer in publications.

In any publication you must name the producer of the beat, for example, “Music by Malakkor” or “Prod. by Malakkor ”.
It is mandatory and non-negotiable. Failure to name the producer in a publication will carry financial penalties that can reach $ 2,500 and this is established in the contract of each license.

Mixing and mastering services.

I perform mixing and mastering services. You can see the prices, the way of working and reserve your mix from the following page on my website: MIX & MASTER