Mixing & mastering online

The quality of your music is non-negotiable if you want to stand out. With my mixing and mastering online service, I help a lot of people achieve a professional sound. Imagine sleeping peacefully knowing that your songs will sound perfect, that your voice will stand out with a clear sound, that you will sound like your favorite artist, that is the dream of any artist and many are achieving it, I make it possible.

Send me your song by tracks and in less than 72 hours I guarantee an incredible sound.

I adapt to you, do you want to sound current? Do you want modern voices that make an impact?

Your songs ready to sound on platforms and stand out from the rest, it is now possible.

This is how my mixes sound

Online mixing and mastering service

We will elevate the sound of your song to an incredible level. With my online mixing and mastering service we will make your music catch the attention and differentiate it in a brutal way from your competitors. I’m sure you want your song to sound perfect 10 years from now, because music, if done right, is timeless. Mixing and mastering is not just another step, it’s what can make the difference between a song succeeding or being forgotten forever.

Professional sound

Believe me, I’m not telling you this so you can hire me to mix and master your songs, I know you are FREE TO DECIDE what to do with your music. I tell you this so you understand the value I give to something that for me is 60% of the success of a song… how it sounds, if you can appreciate every sound, every detail, if you understand the voice of the artist, get a professional sound that makes you enjoy the elements, the secondary voices, the adlibs, a sound that sounds on the left because on the right sounds another one that helps your voice stand out.

Why choose Malakkor

I have been working with artists at different levels for more than 20 years. In these years I have created songs for more than 300 artists all over the world. This week I delivered two mixes of songs for a musical in Germany, one for Nous Nizzy in Malaga and one for an artist from the Bronx in New York.

Although I have worked with many recognized artists and top companies in the industry, I still have fun as the first day when I work the sound for an artist who is just starting. It’s something that gives me extra motivation, to see the excitement in the eyes of a kid with 100 followers on social networks, when they hear how their song can sound like this. That’s what motivates me to go into the studio every day and give my best.

Working method

I get fully involved in every project, I don’t just want you to send me the tracks and deliver your mixed song. We will polish every detail and if we need to add something else, we will do it as a team. Our goal will be to strive for perfection.

What does the mixing and mastering service include?

  • Personalized treatment and recommendations. With constant communication via Whatsapp or email.
  • Any vocal effects or pitch enhancements you need. Autotune or similar plugins included.
  • 3 revisions, until a perfect sound is achieved and you are satisfied.

How do we begin to work?

  1. Export tracks separately. In 24 bits / 44.1 Khz format at least.
  2. Compress all tracks into a zip file.
  3. Fill out the following form. From there you will be able to attach the file with the tracks and proceed to the payment, 100% safe and secure.
  4. Once the form is received and the payment is done, I will contact you and we will start working on your song. The estimated delivery time is one week.

Mixing & Mastering Online

Do you want incredible sound? Fill in the form and we get started.