The quality of your music is non-negotiable if you want to stand out. With my online song mixing service, I help a lot of people achieve a professional sound. Imagine sleeping peacefully knowing that your songs will sound perfect, that your voice will stand out with a clear sound, that you will sound like your favorite artist, that is the dream of any artist and many are achieving it, I make it possible.

Send me your song by tracks and in less than 72 hours I guarantee an incredible sound.

I adapt to you, do you want to sound current? Do you want modern voices that make an impact?

Your songs ready to sound on platforms and stand out from the rest, it is now possible.



Thank you very much for your interest in my online mixing service. At the end of this page you can make the payment and give a boost to the sound of your songs. It is very important that when you send me the tracks of the song, they are in good quality or the best possible, I recommend 24 bit / 44.1 Khz. to get a good professional mix of songs or instrumentals.
Finding a professional sound for your songs is not easy, also when
You find a sound mixing technician who has worked with very good artists, they are not usually cheap and it is normal because it is a task that requires a lot of time and dedication. Find the weak points of the song and eliminate them or make them not noticeable, improve what already sounds good … etc. It is an artisan work but when we can listen to the “before mixing” and “after” we see that every effort has been worth it.
For me, mixing and mastering a song is not just another step, it is the final touch that can make a person listen to your song 100 times a day or press play and remove it after 15 seconds. You always have to think that a song is not a shirt that you buy today and if in a year it is damaged you throw it away and buy another. A song is forever and I am sure that if you listen to it in 10 years you will want to continue to be proud of the work that was done on it. One of the phrases I hear the most in the songs I work on, whether it’s creating custom instrumentals or with my mixing and mastering service is “The song is incredible! but what about THAT SOUND? HOW CAN IT SOUND SO GOOD?


Believe me, I am not telling you so that you can hire me to mix and master your songs, I know that you are FREE TO DECIDE what to do with your music. I’m telling you so that you understand the value I give to something that for me is 60% of the success of a song … how it sounds, if you can appreciate every sound, every detail, if you understand the artist’s voice, get a professional sound that makes you enjoy the elements, the secondary voices, the adlibs, a sound that sounds on the left because another sounds on the right that helps your voice stand out.
Today anyone can tell you that he is going to mix your song, master songs and promise you gold, not me. What I can offer you is my experience of more than 20 years working with artists at different levels. In these years I have created songs for more than 400 artists around the world, just today I am writing this text and this week I have to deliver two mixes of songs for a musical in Germany, one for Nous Nizzy in Malaga and another for an artist from the Bronx in New York. Although I have worked with many recognized artists and Top companies in the industry, I still have fun like the first day when I work on sound for an artist who is just starting out. It is something that gives me extra motivation, seeing the illusion in the eyes of a kid with 100 followers on social networks, hearing how his song can sound like this, that is what motivates me to enter the studio every day and give the maximum of me.


In the form you will see that my prices are very cheap, especially taking into account the final result of your songs, my experience, my level of motivation and the dedication with which I treat each project that I work. Here’s what it includes:

  • 3 revisions, to get a perfect sound in your songs and that you stay totally comfortable.
  • The vocal effects or tone enhancements you need, including tuning with autotune or similar plugins.
  • A personalized treatment and recommendations, if I see that we can put an extra voice track I will tell you about it and if you agree we will do it.

The time it takes to mix and master your song is 5-7 days. If I see that it is a strong week and it may take some more day, I will notify you from the first day not the last. Once you fill out the form and send me the files, I start with the cleaning of the tracks and I will keep you informed at all times, so you know where your next hit is.
Prepare the tracks for your online mix: – Preferred format: 24 bits / 44.1 Khz.

  • Export the tracks separately from second 0 or measure 1. This way they will all be arranged when you load them into the project.
  • When you’ve exported your tracks, compress them into a zip file.
  • It is very helpful that in the name of the zip file, you give me information such as how many BPM the song or tone is at.

Mixing & Mastering Online

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