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“Malakkor is undoubtedly the guarantee of a perfect final result. A music producer with elegance and innovative sounds in each production. Heart, professionalism, humane treatment and good energy. Maximum involvement to always exceed the expectations of the musical project.”

With an experience of over 20 years, Ruben Cruz “Malakkor” has become a reference for artists looking to stand out and achieve goals in the shortest possible time. He lives on the island of Gran Canaria and from there he has worked with more than 300 artists, publishing music with some of the most important companies in the sector such as Universal Music.

He is a music producer who is totally involved, providing security and tranquility in each project. A true obsessed in the final quality, offering an innovative and unique sound.

In 2021 he has worked with artists from Switzerland, Tunisia, Chile, Spain, USA, Japan or Germany among others. He recently created the soundtrack and mixed the sound for the documentary ” Piélago ” by Saot St, which was awarded in more than 10 festivals and elected best project of the year 2020 in the Canary Islands. He also created the soundtrack for the DITS musical in Germany.

His music in a few words is current, rich in fusions of styles such as Rnb, dancehall, reggaeton, afrobeat and hip hop, but always maintaining its own brand in terms of sound, which highlights the large space reserved for the voice of the artist in each instrumental.

If you need licensing of beats, custom instrumentals, music for spots, recording in his studio or mixing and mastering services, in www.malakkor.com you will find a music producer with everything you need. Breathe easy, because today your project and your dreams are in good hands.

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More than 300 artists and companies have trusted Malakkor

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