Never use free beats

free beats

First time using beats licenses.

If you are looking for beats for your project because you feel prepared to show your music, or you are confused because you do not know what to do to be able to publish a song and have no legal problems once published, you need to purchase instrumental licenses. It is normal that you do not know what step to take or that you get lost browsing the websites of the producers.

In this article I will explain why you should buy beats licenses and not use the beats that are downloaded for free from both YouTube and the producers’ websites, but if you have doubts about how to buy them and where, you can read this other Article that I have prepared by clicking here.

Use of free beats.

It is very common that you are browsing the web of a producer and you find the typical message of “Download 30 free beats by clicking here” or that you are listening to instrumentals on YouTube and the title is “Free Kendrick Lamar type beat”. The first thing we think is that we are going to download the beat because it is free and I will not have problems publishing the song … well let me tell you that you WRONG, it is a way to attract the view of the artists and it is very easy for them to feel confused Because many people read the title but not the fine print, I understand you perfectly. The reality is that without a license agreement with a purchase date you cannot do ANYTHING. In addition these beats are usually protected with the watermark or the producer’s tag, which is only removed when you buy the license, and not only that, they are instrumental in mp3 protected by a watermark or producer’s tag.

So, why can you download beats for free?

• To record your voice and make a demo to know if the song is good, then you can buy a license without losing the investment of money.

• To use them as an inspiration, write your verses on them and decide if it is the beat that suits you, many times it happens that an artist starts writing with a beat and 2 weeks before recording the song, change the instrumental.

It is a very common way of working with powerful artists, 90% of the signed artists work in this way, reserve 4-5 instrumentals and at the time of recording they make the payment to the producer, thus they are investing their money better. I have seen cases in which the artist has 70 songs written for his new album, if 14-16 songs enter the album, he would have lost the money invested in 50 instrumentals and that would be ruin.

On the one hand the producer attracts the eye of the artist using the word “free”, which is a very common marketing strategy not only in musical terms, and on the other hand they are a little right, they are free beats until the time comes Do something with them.

Never publish songs with free beats without your license.

At this point, you should be clear that using a free beat without your license can only assume:

• Waste time and effort.

• Losing the money invested in recording the song in a studio.

• Lose the investment in the video clip.

• That your song be blocked with a DMCA demolition.

It is very screwed that after so much work on a song, it is blocked from all platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, YouTube … etc. for not having a user license that would have cost you very little compared to the rest of the expenses. Even so, it has happened to me several times that someone uses a rhythm of mine without permission, even cutting the protection tag and I have been forced to demolish them with DMCA (Block your songs everywhere), it is not something I like to do But I think we have to have a respect for the work of the producer, and more when we are facilitating access to instruments with very cheap licenses.

I hope I have helped you to understand this part a little, I think knowing this will save you a lot of headaches in the future. (Remember that I have an article talking extensively about the different types of licenses here).

P.S. Something that usually bothers producers a lot is the typical and famous question:

Q- Can I use this beat for free? I will not monetize and I will give you credit!

A- Are you really asking me that? Imagine that you go to a restaurant to eat, you eat the best menu they have, and when you get the bill you tell the waiter, I will not pay you but I will speak very well of the restaurant. You wouldn’t do it … 🙂

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