Why do you need the beat tracks

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Why do you need the beat tracks.

When you decide to buy a beat on the website of a producer, you are looking for an instrument that catches your attention, that has something different but also has a good sound quality. Sometimes I have sold instruments that sound great, very clearly and forcefully, but when I heard the song already recorded and mixed I could not endure until the end because the audio quality was very bad.

The beat tracks, also known as Stems or trackout, are offered from a type of license, in my case from the PREMIUM license, when you get a premium license you are not only paying for those tracks but also because you will have a greater number of streams available in your license or because you can start monetizing. But let’s return to the sound quality, which is something that we must take into account.

It is no longer worth saying that I am underground and I do not need to sound perfect, that today is the stupidest phrase you can hear, but you know what, I keep listening and I think someone will always come to remind me. The reality is that you need your song to be worked by a qualified person who gets a good mix, with each instrument in place and the voice with its space to sound clear.

Today we need to sound with quality to be able to be on all online platforms, it is true that every time we see higher volume songs that sound a little more saturated but within a limit, personally I prefer to have the greatest power that keeps allowing me to sound clear . This is where we need to have control of each track that forms the instruments, the bass drum, the box, the bass, the strings, all separately with the highest quality.

Benefits of having the tracks that make up the beat.

• The person who mixes the song will have total freedom at the time of mixing, achieving greater clarity in the final result.

• Many times when recording, the artist’s voice has the same frequency as another instrument that has a lot of presence in the song, having the tracks we can correct frequencies in that instrument and give more space to the voice.

• It is easier to structure and change for example an instrument that you do not want to sound somewhere in the song. You adapt the beat to your voice and not vice versa.

• Normally when buying a beat on a single track, it comes at a fairly high volume, having the trackout, it is easier to level everything so that once the voice has been recorded, a more precise mixture and mastering is performed.

• Something good about buying a license with trackout, although indirectly, is that they are usually licenses that allow you more reproductions, uses, monetize … etc.

From my point of view, if I were an artist, I would always try to get a license with trackouts, and if I didn’t have the money to buy it, I would at least try to acquire a license on wav and order the mix from a good audio engineer. , that knows how to create the space for the voice in an instrumental in a single track. Many opportunities can be lost because of a bad sound, you can invest all your money in a good video clip but if the audio quality is bad, nobody will listen to more than 30 seconds of the song.

Malakkor Music producer since 1997.