Why you need a beat leasing but not an exclusive beat

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Why should you buy beats licenses and not exclusive beats?

Over more than 20 years in this world of music I have had the pleasure of working with many artists, some starting their musical career and others with a long history and recognition. Knowing both sides of the road, I want to help you make it clearer if you should buy licenses for exclusive beats or beats.

(If you don’t know the types of licenses well when buying beats, I recommend you read the guide that I prepared in this other article by clicking here)

Reasons why you don’t need an exclusive license.

During my career as a music producer, I met artists who had been in music for a short time, they were starting a path that is not easy, where you have to invest a lot of time, work and money until you have at least some visibility. That’s why I was surprised to see that these artists bought both exclusive beats and licenses for several reasons, I assure you that I don’t want to discourage you or underestimate you, I just want to help you see your current situation and why you should acquire beats licenses. If you are in the following situation, purchase beats licenses before exclusive beats …

• You have few followers on your social networks (less than 20,000 adding Instagram, Facebook, Twitter..etc.)

• You have few visualizations or reproductions on platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify… etc.

• You have not signed with any stamp.

• You have not published an album.

You do not have to feel bad about being in any of these points, this just has to motivate you to try to achieve your goals, nobody said the road was easy. Now more than ever it is time to work and publish music, and this is one of the points in favor of buying licenses.

Benefits of acquiring licenses before exclusive beats.

• You will spend less money and you can buy more beats, publishing more music.

• You can buy licenses more adjusted to your needs, number of streams, visualizations … etc.

• You can invest more money in promo, google ads, facebook ads… etc.

• In most cases you can upgrade a license that exceeds the limit.

As you can see, there are many good things when buying non-exclusive licenses, you are at a point where you need to publish music and not stop doing it. In order for your fan base to grow steadily you need to publish a song at least every 2 months, better if you do it every 6 weeks. Spending less when buying the beat allows you to invest in a studio where you can record with professional quality, mixing and mastering.

If you invest some money in promo like Google ads, you will be able to advance a little faster too, something that is much more complicated if you are buying exclusive beats for $ 500 or $ 600.

I give you an example:

Imagine you buy an exclusive beat for $ 500. If you have a base of 10,000 followers, it is normal that when publishing the song only buy it 100 or even less. If its price is $ 1 for each sale, you will have achieved $ 100 and you will have a loss of $ 400, at best.

But imagine that you buy a user license for $ 50, by selling your song to 100 people you are already earning $ 50. You already have the money for at least one other license and for the next item. We are not counting the benefits for streams and reproductions, but in your case, the important thing is to grow without having long waiting periods until you get the money to buy other instruments.

If you have money to invest in your music, do not buy the best licenses thinking that you will create the summer hit, measure your steps well and invest in promotion, licenses, good recordings, mixing and mastering (sound quality is a very factor important to keep listening to your song or move on to the next one).

The best alternative to exclusive licenses. Unlimited licenses.

Unlimited licenses are usually priced between $ 150 and $ 300 on almost any website. They have no stream limits, no visualizations, no number of uses, sales numbers … etc. They are a very good option if we do not want to worry if we will ever make better numbers.

It only has 3 differences with the exclusive licenses:

• They have an expiration date, usually 3 to 5 years.

• The beat is still on sale. (Until sold exclusively).

• The publication rights are 50/50 and the exclusive rights are usually 80/20 in favor of the artist.

These 3 points do not affect you in your current situation, it affects more artists signed by a label, or with other more powerful numbers on musical platforms. So my personal opinion and not because I am the one who sells the instruments, is that you buy the most expensive license you can afford, when you have a larger base of followers and more powerful numbers, go for exclusive beats.

I hope I helped you make the right decision for you and your pocket. 🙂

Malakkor Music producer since 1997.