You are an artist and need beats

You are an artist and you want to buy beats.

The online business of selling beats has grown in recent years, increasing competition among producers and facilitating access to instrumentals for artists. It is a world a bit confusing at first but easy to understand if you know some important points.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 – Where and how to buy beats online.

Part 2 – Quick view of license types.

Part 3 – Offers available.

Part 4 – Payment methods and download the beat.

Part 5 – You already have your beat, now what?

Part 1 “Where to buy beats online”

As an artist, surely you have felt lost sometime at the time of finding the music for your lyrics, it is normal to see the large amount of online sites, platforms, producer websites … A few years ago, websites like myspace, Facebook or Youtube were a good place to find instrumentals, but today we have specialized platforms such as Beatstars or Airbit, where you can browse among thousands of producers or beatmakers and find beats by styles, bpm or moods, which make life easier for the artist.

Something very common when we are looking for instrumentals, is to reach the website of a producer, who offers you 20 of his best beats if you subscribe to his email list (I do too). You think, so that I am going to buy a beat if I can go from web to web by downloading free beats from several producers … It is normal that you feel tempted to do so, but the reality is that you do not have a license to use those beats. Since there is no legal contract with the date of purchase of the instruments and the use that you can give to that beat, you cannot publish any song created with that beat.

The main idea of ​​the producer who offers his beats as a free download, is for you to have a folder with 20 very powerful beats, try them with your verses or as an inspiration and at the time you say, this is the beat I need … go to the producer’s website and you will acquire a user license for that instrument. In addition, the logical thing is that when you subscribe, the producer offers you advantages over others, such as discount codes for the moment in which you decide to buy your beat or find out before anyone else that there is a new beat in the store. Knowing this, it is a good idea to subscribe to these email lists.

Part 2 “Quick view of license types”

Producers’ websites usually have the same structure: Banner, player, and under license boxes. Nowadays, if you are an artist you should be familiar with licenses, because they are the most common way to buy instruments online. I have a very complete article talking about this on the blog, but I want to quickly explain some points you should know.

A producer has a beat on his website, he sells it at different prices, in my case:

1. MP3 license. $ 30

2. BASIC license. $ 50

3. PREMIUM license. $ 75

4. UNLIMITED license. $ 140

5. EXCLUSIVE License. $ 600

When you buy a beat with non-exclusive licenses, you do not own the beat, you have a use permit to be able to make a song and publish it, with expiration date and with limitations such as the number of streams or its use, each producer has its own conditions . I will not go into the details now since I talk about it in another article, my advice is to buy the most expensive license that your budget allows you, and if you are an artist signed by a label or with many followers, go for the exclusive SEE ARTICLE ON LICENSES.

Part 3 “Offers available”

I always recommend buying beats directly on the producer’s website, because you can have limited offers such as buying 2 beats and get another 2 for free. In this case you could choose 4 beats, always of the same type of license and pay only 2, saving a good amount of money, you get more instrumental and you can invest in the mix of your project or in promo.

In many cases, you can also find pop ups that offer discount coupons and the best way to find out is by entering their websites directly. There are dates indicated as for example the month of August, Black Friday, Christmas days … etc. where extra offers are usually made, so it is a good idea to invest in your beats on these dates.

If you do not see offers available, you can always ask directly by writing an email to the producer, in this case I advise you to ask when you are interested in buying several beats and do not ask if they can lower the price of a single beat, because that is already offered by the Producer by giving you several possibilities with the different types of license.

Part 4 “Ways of payment and download of the beat”

The payment methods accepted in 90% of the producer websites are Paypal or credit card. They are very safe payment methods so you don’t have to worry. If you make the payment through Paypal, it will be Paypal who converts the price to the currency of your country. On my website the prices are in US dollars, since most of my online sales usually come from the United States, it is also a reference currency.

Once you make the payment, you can download the instruments you have chosen immediately, without the watermark or the protection tag. Depending on the type of license, you can download different files. You can also download the license, which is the legal agreement that gives you the permission to use the beat, it is very important that you read it, that will avoid problems in the future due to misuse.

It is also important that you always check the spam folder or if you use gmail, the promotions folder of your mail, because sometimes you can get there the beat purchase emails, downloads … etc.

Part 5 “You already have your beat, now what? ”

Once the instruments have been downloaded and after the whole creative process, you must take several points into account when publishing your song. First of all, you must respect what your license allows and what does not allow, if your license does not let you monetize on YouTube and you do it, 2 things can happen, that the producer keeps all the money from the monetization or that he directly eliminates your song from all platforms. To be calmer, it is best to use your license as you should.

If you have purchased a license that allows you to monetize on YouTube, it is good that when you publish the song, you send the url of your video and your purchase license to the producer, this will allow the producer to add you to a white list so you can monetize With that video.

Do not forget to name the producer in all the publications you make with that song, it is not uncommon to see license agreements with economic sanctions for not giving credit correctly, anyway with sanction or without it, to name each person who has contributed in The final song should be something normal and a way to show your respect for the work done, be it producer, artist, or even a mixing engineer.

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