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We create music for your inspiration. Buy beats licenses and download it in high quality. Urban music instrumentals with the freshest sound and taking care of the space of your voice.
We turn your ideas, custom beats into music, mix and mastering with a TOP sound.

Super offer

Choose 4 beats with the same license and pay only 2.

Add the 4 beats to the cart, the discount is automatic.

purchase instructions
  1. Add your beats to the cart by clicking on the ADD button.
  2. Click on the cart and go to the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  3. ACCEPT THE TERMS and pay with Paypal or Card.
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CURRENT DEAL : Buy 2 Get 2 Free. Add 4 beats of the same license to unlock your discount.
We Accept The Following:

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If your license exceeds the limit you can update it in SERVICES – UPGRADE LICENSE

You can side scroll to see all licenses

This is your license if you want to make a video with up to 5,000 views
• Format: Mp3 Tagless
• 1 video allowed
• Up to 5.000 views on YouTube
Ideal for making a video of up to 50,000 views and uploading to platforms such as Spotify… etc
• Format: Mp3 + Wav Tagless
• 1 video allowed
• Up to 50.000 views on YouTube
• Upload the song to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music… etc
• Up to 100,000 total streams
La licencia profesional perfecta para estructurar tu canción con los STEMS y monetizar
• Format: Mp3 + Wav + STEMS
• 1 video allowed
• Up to 300.000 views on YouTube
• Upload the song to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music… etc
• Up to 300.000 total streams.
• Download the STEMS and structure as you want
• Monetize on YouTube
Create your songs without any limit and earn more money with your music
• Format: Mp3 + Wav + STEMS
• 1 video allowed
• Unlimited views on YouTube
• Upload the song to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music… etc
• Unlimited Streams
• Download the STEMS and structure as you want
• Monetize on Youtube
• Register the song in PRO ( SGAE, BMI, ASCAP )


  • Take advantage of the current offer, you can get 4 beats with the same license paying only 2.
  • If you like a beat, don’t wait to buy it tomorrow, if someone buys it exclusively today, you won’t be able to get it anymore.
  • We have a page with offer packs so you can save a lot of money on unlimited licenses.
  • We recommend at least the Premium license, but the Unlimited is the best choice always.
  • If you need custom or exclusive instrumentals, get in touch.

We accept the following payment methods

  • Paypal, Credit Card (Stripe), Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  • If you prefer to pay with Apple pay or Google Pay, you can do so on the direct payment page.


Each style of music has its color in the main player.


Create unique songs and stand out with innovative sound

We create music for artists, audiovisual projects, spots and every form of musical art you can imagine. We have spent more than 20 years enjoying while we turn your ideas into music. We do it with dedication and total professionalism because we go to bed thinking about music and we wake up thinking about music. We give you access to a huge catalog of professional beats of almost any style such as dancehall type beats, reggaeton type beats, rnb type beats, rap type beats, pop type beats … etc.

If something defines our music, it is that we are always innovating, looking for the most modern sound and fusing styles to sound different. We know that it is not easy to stand out among so many artists, that’s why we create high-quality beat licenses with you in mind, leaving the space your voice needs to stand out in the song.

Malakkor has worked on audiovisual projects that have been awarded such as “Piélago”, a documentary by Saot St where he created the soundtrack and made the sound mixing. He has also created music for renowned artists from different parts of the world. From the Canary Islands, his land, he has collaborated with more than 400 artists from Switzerland, the United States, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Spain and Chile, among others.

We want to help you make your dream come true, accompanying you throughout the creation process until you upload the song to platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music … etc. So if you want to buy beats that make you take a leap in quality or need music for your next hit, you can be sure that you are in the right place.


Price and payment methods

All beat prices are in US dollars. You can pay with Paypal or credit card, the payment is 100% secure. In the price tables section, you can see a button with the most common currencies so that you can check the prices in your currency.

How to buy one or more licenses

  1. Elige el beat que te gusta y pulsa add dentro del reproductor. Elige tantos beats como necesites.
  2. Elige el tipo de licencia. ( Mp3, Basic, Premium o Unlimited )
  3. Ve al carrito que hay en el reproductor y haz clic en proceed to checkout.
  4. Selecciona si quieres pagar con Paypal o Stripe (tarjeta de crédito).
  5. Pulsa en “ accept terms” para aceptar los términos.
  6. Haz clic en Pay now.
  7. Ahora puedes descargar tus archivos, también te llegará un email con los beats, revisa siempre el correo no deseado o spam.

When do I get the beats?

The download is immediate once the payment is made. You will receive an email with everything, be sure to check for junk mail or spam.

Do you have offers or discounts?

First offer (and the one with the most value):

I have created a page on my website called “Create your pack” and from there you can choose the 5 beats that you like the most on my website and pay only $ 350 to have them all with unlimited licenses. You save 50% !!

Second offer (Choose 4 beats, pay only 2):

In this offer you can choose 4 beats with the same license and you only pay for 2. Imagine that you want 4 beats with a Premium license, it would cost you only $ 150 instead of $ 300.

How to benefit from this discount:

  1. You choose 4 beats that you like from the player.
  2. They must all be with the same license, whichever you prefer.
  3. Once added to the cart, the discount is applied automatically.

Offer packs (10 unlimited beats)

This offer is accessed from the menu on my website, offer packs. They are packs of different styles with 10 beats each and all with unlimited licenses at an incredible price, only $ 250 each pack.

I don't know which license to choose

We always recommend the Premium license as a minimum. Since it is the license with which you can monetize on YouTube, it comes with the tracks that make up the beat so that you can structure and mix the song more easily. It also has a good number of Streams allowed. But if you can get the Unlimited license, don’t think about it, it is the perfect license in all aspects and it also allows you to register your song in your PRO (Sgae, Ascap, BMI … etc). Even so, Mp3 or Basic may be good for you, it depends on what you need. If you have any questions regarding the licenses or to make the purchase of your beats, write me a wasap from the icon that you have floating around the web, I will be happy to help you.

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