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Get access to beats for sale with an innovative sound. RnB, Hiphop, Trap, Afrobeat, Reggeaton and the latest urban music trends. Malakkor is your online reference site to download beats for your project.


We create custom beats, music for commercials and audiovisual projects. We guarantee an incredible sound with our online mixing and mastering service. With us, your music will go wherever you want.



Add 2 beats with the same license and you only pay 1.
At the moment of payment you will see the discount applied.

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We Accept The Following:

Choose the license you need for your project. All unlimited

All licenses include immediate download, high quality audio without tags and legal contract. Choose yours and be happy.

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Unlimited BASIC $39,95 Ideal for publishing your song on YouTube and Soundcloud without limits • Format: Mp3 + Wav • 1 video allowed • Unlimited views • Unlimited Soundcloud streams • Upload your song to Youtube & Soundcloud BUY BEAT
Unlimited STEMS $89,95 Perfect to publish your song on YouTube and digital platforms without limits on anything • Format: Mp3 + Wav + Stems • 1 video allowed • Unlimited views • Unlimited streams • Unlimited sales • Upload your songs to Spotify, Tidal, Deezer…etc • Monetize on Youtube • Download the stems and structure as you want. BUY BEAT
Unlimited PRO $159,95 The best professional license. You can earn more money and get great discounts • Format: Mp3 + Wav + STEMS • 2 videos allowed • Unlimited views • Unlimited streams • Unlimited sales • Upload your songs to Spotify, Tidal, Deezer…etc • Monetize on YouTube • Download the stems and structure as you want • Register the song in PROs (SGAE, ASCAP, BMI…etc) • Unlimited radio stations • Unlimited use in tv / films • Bonus: 25% discount on your next beat BUY BEAT
Next Level $395,95 Create your songs without any limit and earn more money with your music • Format: Mp3 + Wav + STEMS • 2 videos allowed • Unlimited views • Unlimited streams • Unlimited sales • Upload your songs to Spotify, Tidal, Deezer…etc • Monetize on Youtube • Download the stems and structure as you want • Register the song in PROs (SGAE, ASCAP, BMI…etc) • Unlimited radio stations • Unlimited use in tv / films • Bonus: 25% discount on your next beat • Professional mixing and mastering included BUY BEAT

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Welcome! If you want to create songs and publish them on all digital platforms, you’re in the right place. Buy beats for sale online with more ease and more advantages than ever.

If you like a beat, don’t wait to buy it tomorrow. If it is sold exclusively today, it will not be available in the store.

Contact us through the chat icon. We can help you to choose your license or solve your doubts.

We have offers and packs for you to save a lot of money. Watch out for the offer above the player, we want to help you.

You can buy your beats with Paypal or Stripe (credit card). 100% safe and secure payments.

Compra Instrumentales
Compra Instrumentales
Compra Instrumentales
Compra Instrumentales

Discover why they choose us

Create unique songs and stand out with an innovative sound

20 years working with people from almost every corner of the globe and the last 5 years being a reference offering our beats for sale service. Today we know that you want to make music and not waste time with complicated licenses. That’s why we eliminate the limits. With us, forget about being aware of visualizations, streams, sales… and enjoy creating songs with unique beats.

Unlimited Basic License

Publish your song on Youtube and Soundcloud, without limits. Perfect for using your songs in videos and audiovisual projects. Does not allow publishing on platforms like Spotify, Tidal…etc.

Unlimited Stems License

It is recommended and preferred by many artists. Upload your songs to all platforms. Spotify, Tidal, Apple music, Youtube… without limits. MONETIZE and earn more money with your music. When you download the beat, you have the STEMS with all the instruments separately, so you can structure and mix the song in a professional way.

Unlimited PRO License

It has everything included in the Unlimited STEMS license but with several things that make it very valuable. It allows you to register with PROs, this means you can register your song with rights organizations such as Sgae, BMI, Ascap…etc. Protect your music and earn more money. Plus as an added value, you get a 25% discount on your next beat.

Unlimited MIX License

Imagine having a beat with Unlimited PRO License but also including the mixing and mastering of your song. Sound like your idols and make your listeners fall in love with the best professional sound. This license does not include discount offers for multiple beats.



Price and payment methods

All beat prices are in US dollars. You can pay with Paypal or credit card, the payment is 100% secure. In the price tables section, you can see a button with the most common currencies so that you can check the prices in your currency.

How to buy one or more licenses

  1. Listen to the beats, decide which one you like and click add inside the player to add it to your cart. Do this with as many as you need to buy.
  2. Choose the type of license. (Unlimited BASIC, Unlimited STEMS, Unlimited PRO or Next Level)
  3. Go to the cart in the player and click proceed to checkout.
  4. Select if you want to pay with Paypal or Stripe (credit card).
  5. Click on “accept terms” to accept the terms.
  6. Click Pay now.
  7. Now you can download your files, you will also receive an email with the beats, always check for junk or spam.

When do I get the beats?

The download is immediate once the payment is made. You will receive an email with everything, be sure to check for junk mail or spam.

I don't know which license to choose

It is normal to have doubts when choosing a license. After many years being a reference in the sale of beats online, we have listened to our customers and we have removed the limits that you can find in 99% of the beat stores. Now all our licenses are unlimited. So you just have to be clear about where you are going to use your songs. In our table you will see it very detailed. Our recommendation is the Unlimited STEMS license, but the most complete is the Unlimited PRO.

Even so, if you have any questions regarding the licenses or to make the purchase of your beats, write me a whatsapp from the icon that you have floating around the web, I will be happy to help you.

Buy beats online

A unique place to buy beats online. Many artists choose us for the fresh and innovative sound of our music. We started creating Rap beats for sale, getting our music played on the records of our idols. But over the years our passion for music has led us to specialize in different styles, such as dancehall beats or creating your R&B instrumental.

Today we are very happy to be a reference for people who want to buy beats online. We have created songs for different moods, whether you are looking for an trap Beats for sale or if you need fusions between styles with reggaeton beats or other genres like pop instrumentals. We really like to combine Asian sounds, Arabic beats and instruments with personality.

Your music project is in good hands with us, whether you want to buy beats online or need a custom beat. Our beat licenses are unrivaled.

Buy Beats

Buy Beats

Online beats licenses

I need beats for my songs, it’s the phrase we see the most when they email us. Beat licenses are the perfect solution if you need to publish songs and can’t spend a lot of money on custom beats. Free beats do not exist, when you use a free beat, the beat producer will keep all the monetization that you generate with your song and when they are not interested, they will delete your song.

Beat licenses, however, allow you to use the beats by paying only the price that suits what you need. We have created instrumental licenses for all types of clients, we offer you music for your songs without third-party samples, without future legal problems, we want you to be FREE creating music without worrying about anything else.

If you have doubts about which license to choose, do not hesitate to tell us through the chat. We are happy to help you. Choose your instrument license and sleep easy.

Who I am

My name is Malakkor. I am a music producer with more than 20 years of experience and a true lover of innovative sounds. My passion, perseverance and hard work has led me to produce songs for more than 300 artists around the globe. Working with companies like Universal Music, Boa, DITS and Chocolatex among others.

I put my heart and good energy into every project and that is one of my strengths. I see the voice as the main instrument of the song. That’s why every time I make music I focus on making the artist feel that they have their space.

I have produced for Zpu, Capaz, Nach, Merkules, Sirine Miled, Millaray Mandiola, Nous Nizzy or Samuel O’kane among others. I never limit myself to one musical style, being hip hop, R&B, dancehall or reggaeton the music that nourishes my musical vision, my universe of fusions.

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