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Malakkor is one of the top producers I’ve ever worked with, a true artist, a tough guy. By art, by heart… one of the people you always want to meet on your way.


Spanish Hip Hop artist of reference

Working with Malakkor is to feel confident that the end result will be much better than what you have in your head. The teamwork and human quality is unbeatable. He is 100% involved in each project.

Saot St

Video reference director and Dj.

It’s a pleasure to work side by side with Malakkor, not only for his sound, which is top notch, but also for his proximity and the way he treats us. He has a very broad musical vision and masters almost any style of urban music.

Nous Nizzy

Artist from Malaga

Malakkor is a 10 guy. He understood what I was looking for and we even made a video call to organize everything. I was looking for someone who would treat my music with the same love as me and I found him.