Meet Malakkor

Awarded as best music producer in the Canary Islands in 2023. He has worked with some of the best artists and companies in the music industry, both national and international. Mixing and mastering engineer with exquisite sound.

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Produced by Malakkor

We have helped more than 300 artists in the last few years.

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Production, mixing and mastering on the single “Infiel” with Nous Nizzy and Zangel. 

Production for Zpu and Nach in “Manos llenas”, more than 2 M views.

Custom beat, mixing and mastering on Eva Ruiz’s song for “After Hour The Mixtape” by Saot ST.

Soundtrack, mixing and mastering of Dancing in the Shadow. German musical series that can be seen on Amazon Prime.

Audio post-production on Invictus, a very nice short film featuring top Spanish actors.

Custom beat, mixing and mastering for Sunil on “Wagwan”. Inspired by a UK afroswing with the addition of Canarian nuances.

After Hour The Mixtape

Online mixing and mastering of the 49 songs from the “After Hour The Mixtape” project by Saot ST.

Malakkor mixed and mastered the entire project (49 songs) of After Hour The Mixtape by Saot St. Some of the best artists from the Canary Islands are part of this enormous project that Sony Music has published. Listen to some songs here…

Custom beats, mixing and mastering on “Retales” an album by Nous Nizzy & Malakkor

Nous Nizzy and Malakkor join forces to create an album that is a musical journey through 10 songs in Retales. We have produced all the instrumentals and we have been in charge of the mixing and mastering of each track, managing to create together with Nous, a pure album that draws from styles such as RnB, afrobeats, flamenco and reggaeton. The full album is available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music…etc. Here you can listen to some of the songs. Enjoy them!

Custom music and audio post-production in “Piélago”

Piélago is a documentary by Saot St, which was awarded as best music project in 2020 in the Canary Islands and has won numerous awards at international film festivals. For us it was a real pleasure to create the soundtrack for this project, in which we immersed ourselves completely, managing to connect image and music.
From the very first moment we sought to capture emotion, expressing with music feelings of pain, anger, sadness and joy… a challenge that we enjoyed at every moment, from the first musical note to the sound mix of the whole documentary.

You can watch it in its entirety on Youtube

Malakkor is one of the top producers I’ve ever worked with, a true artist, a tough guy. By art, by heart… one of the people you always want to meet on your way.


Spanish Hip Hop artist of reference

Working with Malakkor is to feel confident that the end result will be much better than what you have in your head. The teamwork and human quality is unbeatable. 

Saot St

Video reference director and Dj.

It’s a pleasure to work side by side with Malakkor, not only for his sound, which is top notch, but also for his proximity and the way he treats us. He has a very broad musical vision and masters almost any style of urban music.

Nous Nizzy

Artist from Malaga

Malakkor is a 10 guy. He understood what I was looking for and we even made a video call to organize everything. I was looking for someone who would treat my music with the same love as me and I found him.



Meet the Boss


Rubén, better known as Malakkor de la Isla is a music producer and mixing engineer from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). In 2023 he was awarded as the best music producer in the Canary Islands. Specialized in urban music with a current, fresh and innovative sound. His music accumulates millions of views on both YouTube and digital platforms.

More than 20 years creating music and with more and more enthusiasm and desire. Master styles such as Dark Pop, Rnb, Trap, reggaeton or afrobeat. A lover of music and sound who loves to experiment, creating sound journeys with personality. One of his passions is creating music for spots and audiovisual projects.

Heart, positive energy in each project, perseverance, hard work and a humane treatment that its artists value very positively. All this together is the recipe that he uses in each project to always achieve the best results.

Nunca miraré los números porque la música es arte, no matemáticas. Es pasión, dolor, alegría, altibajos… es VIDA.

Malakkor de la Isla

Music Producer - Mixing Engineer

Credits. The best trust us.

Musical productions

Malakkor has produced custom beats for hundreds of independent artists and Top artists from almost every corner of the globe.

Sara Socas, Eva Ruiz, Don Patricio, Merkules, Sirine Miled, Zpu, Nach, Capaz, Milla, We$t Dubai, Ana Mancebo, Porta, Nous Nizzy, Ginés Gonzalez, El Sicario… have given voice to their music.

He has also created music for audiovisual projects, spots and musical series such as Dancing in the Shadow in Germany.

Mixing and mastering

In the last 2 years Malakkor has mixed the voices of great artists such as Maikel Delacalle, Quevedo, Abhir, Lucho RK, Laudazio, Pablo daCosta, Nous Nizzy, Dailos MB, El Ima, Rosell and many songs by independent artists.

He mixed all 49 songs on Saot ST’s “After Hour The Mixtape” project, released by Sony Music.

A powerful, defined sound, with perfect-sounding voices and the most innovative effects are part of their brand.

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