Have you received a complaint after purchasing a beat?

If you have purchased a beat license but you have received a complaint from “Hawk for a 3rd Party” or “Exmge Music” (companies that manage my content id).

I can assure you that using my music is 100% legal, as long as you have purchased a license to use it. Otherwise your songs will be removed from any platform. Just fill out the form below and the claim will be removed.

Steps to follow…

1. Fill in the form

Rellena el formulario que hay al final de la página. Necesitamos que rellenes todos los campos para verificar que eres el dueño del beat.

2. You will receive an email

En menos de 48 horas recibirás un email con los pasos a seguir en tu correo electrónico. Revisa el spam si no lo has recibido en el plazo indicado.

3. Claim deleted

Once you follow the steps to follow, in about a week the claims are eliminated. You can rest assured that it does not mean any strike on your channel and all the accumulated monetization you continue to receive.

Privacy policy. You must accept it in order to submit the form.