Beats Stems and why do you need them

Beats Stems

Sep 15, 2022

The Beats Stems are the best way to get a professional sound and make your song sound at the level of the industry, it seems simple but there is much more to it.

Sometimes I’ve sold instrumentals that sound great, with a lot of clarity and power, but when I listened to the song already recorded and mixed I couldn’t hold it until the end because the audio quality was so bad. Maybe the artist recorded several layers of vocals that bother with some instrument in the beat, or maybe his voice has some frequencies that are occupying another track. Whether for one reason or another, everything has a solution.

The stems of the beats are each one of the tracks that form an instrumental, bass drum, snare, bass, pianos…etc. When we are creating songs and we want a perfect sound, where everything fits and the voice has its place, its space, it is essential to have these tracks or stems. In addition we will be able to structure the song to our taste, to make more precise cuts or to make the song breathe at some point.

How you can get stems

From a license type, in my case from the STEMS license. You have to look at the license tables on the producer’s website and check that it includes the tracks, the trackout or the stems of the beats. In addition these licenses already include some very important improvements such as monetization or bigger numbers in terms of sales, streams…etc. If you are serious about your music, never buy a license lower than the stems.

Quality is not negotiable

It’s no longer valid to say I’m underground and I don’t need to sound perfect, that nowadays is the stupidest phrase you can hear, but you know what, I still hear it and I think someone will always come to remind me of it. The reality is that you need your song to be able to work as a professional does, only then can it stand out among so much music that is released every day.

Today we need to sound with quality, it’s true that we see songs that sound bad and go viral but it’s easier to hit the lottery. So whether you usually work in a big studio or you are an independent artist who creates songs in your home studio, stems are the key to an exquisite end result. Here’s an example of a song mixed by me where I used stems to get a perfect sound. Listen to Infiel by Nous Nizzy, Zangel & Malakkor.

Benefits of having the beats stems

  • Many times when recording, the artist’s voice has the same frequency as another instrument that has a lot of presence in the song, having the tracks we can correct frequencies in that instrument and give more space to the voice.
  • It is easier to structure and change for example an instrument that you don’t want to sound in some part of the song. You adapt the beat to your voice and not the other way around.
  • Normally when you buy a beat in a single track, this comes at a fairly high volume, by having the trackout, it is easier to level everything separately so that once the voice is recorded, a more accurate mixing and mastering is done.A good thing about buying a license with trackout, although indirectly, is that they are usually licenses that allow you more reproductions, uses, monetize…etc.
  • A good thing about buying a license with trackout, although indirectly, is that they tend to be licenses that allow you more reproductions, uses, monetize…etc.

From my point of view, if I were an artist I would always try to get the license with stems, and in case I didn’t have the money to buy it, I would try at least to acquire a wav license and have the mix done by a good audio engineer, who knows how to create the space for the voice in an instrumental on a single track. Many opportunities can be lost because of a bad sound, you can invest all your money in a good video clip but if the audio quality is bad, nobody is going to listen to more than 30 seconds of the song.

Thank you very much for reading this article, as a thank you I have prepared a brutal offer with the best license.

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